Quick Specs

Max. Payload (Land)1,131 lb (513 kg )
Footprint60.5 x 137.0 in. ( x 348 cm)
Ground Clearance9.5 in (24 cm)
Base Weight2,420 lb (1,590 kg )
Battery capacity400 Ah
Max. Speed (Land)30 km/h (18.6 mph)


This customizable XTR platform easily adapts to any technology or cargo system for rapid deployment in targeted applications. Its large clear payload deck, high load capacity, and high-traction drivetrain make it easily configurable for any mission-specific payload device or system. An all-new Vanguard Commercial Lithium Ion Battery and Battery Management System and battery charger from Briggs & Stratton—a world leader in power application technology, powers the Rover. The ARGO Rover can be controlled via remote teleoperation, line-of-sight RF, or a “follow-me” system, with user-friendly program editing for autonomous missions. It boasts fully swimmable systems and sealed chassis that eliminates water obstacles for extreme mobility.

ARGO XTR Controls

From line-of-sight radio control to autonomous mission programming, ARGO XTR systems put complete control and communications in your hands.

Close-range Wireless Control (Line-of-Sight RF)

Teleoperation (Remote Camera Control)

Autonomous Missions

Follow-me Leading System

Real World Applications

Trust today’s leader in extreme terrain mobility to deliver the ideal platform for your robotic missions. Make ARGO XTR your mobility partner for a successful deployment of your technology package with extreme terrain mobility.

Purpose-built mobile robot solutions

Our full line of robot platforms and proven integration experience are the right start for affordable, reliable development of your mobile system for extreme environments:

Survivability in hazardous environments

Unescorted resupply (Autonomous or remote-operated)

Remote optical and environmental surveillance

Perimeter security and protection


ARGO XTR is continually developing its family of field-proven solutions for specialized applications. By applying industry-standard systems and devices to our proven J8 Atlas platform, ARGO XTR can get you up & running fast.