Pour It On

Mounted with industry-standard TFT Hurricane or Akron PE dual monitors, your J5 FireDog simply rolls through extreme heat, smoke, explosive hazards and toxic fumes to deliver up to 1250 gpm of water or foam anywhere you need it most.

Maneuver easily into the optimal position for maximum effect without concern for terrain obstacles or shifting wind conditions – FireDog takes the fight to the fire!

J5 FireDog XTR Controls

From line-of-sight radio control to autonomous mission programming, ARGO XTR systems put complete control and communications in your hands.

Close-range Wireless Control (Line-of-Sight RF)

Teleoperation (Remote Camera Control)

Autonomous Missions

Follow-me Leading System

Add a FLIR camera to see fire hotspots and detect body heat in search and rescue operations

Quick Specs

Max. Payload (Land)600 lb (275 kg )
Footprint60 x 54.5 in. ( x 1.38 m)
Battery capacityUp to 9.6 kWh
Base Weight615 lb (280 kg )
Max. Speed (Land)12 km/h (18 mph)
Ground Clearance10 in (25 cm)


  • TFT Hurricane or Akron PE mounted wireless remote-controlled monitors
  • Pumps up to 1250 gpm of water or foam at 200 psi
  • Connects directly to pumper truck
  • Pulls up to 200 ft. (61 m) of fire hose
  • Remote control up to 1,000 ft. (304.8 m)
  • Intuitive handheld controls
  • Extreme terrain mobility, fully amphibious, impervious to environmental hazards
  • Compact size – transportable by pick-up truck

J5 FireDog XTR in Action

J5 FireDog XTR Performance