Quick Specs

Max. Payload (Land)600 lb (275 kg )
Footprint60 x 54.5 in. ( x 1.38 m)
Ground Clearance10 in (25 cm)
Base weight615 lb (280 kg )
Battery capacityUp to 9.6 kWh
Max. Speed (Land)18 km/h (12 mph)


Customizable platform adapts easily to any mission-specific payload device or system

Extreme mobility with 4×4 wheeled traction, 24”(609.6 mm) ARGO or turf tire; skid-steer handling; low center of gravity and fully amphibious capability

Intuitive controls via remote teleoperation, line-of-sight RF or “follow-me” system; user-friendly program editing for autonomous missions

ARGO XTR Controls

From line-of-sight radio control to autonomous mission programming, ARGO XTR systems put complete control and communications in your hands.

Close-range Wireless Control (Line-of-Sight RF)

Teleoperation (Remote Camera Control)

Autonomous Missions

Follow-me Leading System

Real World Applications

Trust today’s leader in extreme terrain mobility to deliver the ideal platform for your robotic missions. Make ARGO XTR your mobility partner for a successful deployment of your technology package with extreme terrain mobility.

Purpose-built mobile robot solutions

Our full line of robot platforms and proven integration experience are the right start for affordable, reliable development of your mobile system for extreme environments:

Survivability in hazardous environments

Unescorted resupply

(Autonomous or remote-operated)

Remote optical and environmental surveillance

Perimeter security and protection

Proven application packages 

ARGO XTR is continually developing its family of field-proven solutions for specialized applications. By applying industry-standard systems and devices to our proven J5 platform, ARGO XTR can get you up & running fast.



The unmanned, remotely operated FireDog system is the firefighter’s new best friend! Deploy high volumes of water or foam at close range, from any angle approach to maximize fire suppression while keeping team members out of harm’s way.

  • Industry-standard fire monitor controls flow of water or foam at volumes up to 1250 gpm
  • Powerful electric drive can pull 200 ft. (61 m) of fully charged 2.5 in. (635 mm) fire hose
  • Remotely operate vehicle position and flow controls at ranges up to 1, 000 ft. (304.8 m)

Also adaptable for:

  • Visual and infrared cameras, air quality sensors, cargo baskets, scene lights
  • Evacuation stretcher, extrication equipment

Custom Fire Suppression solutions

ARGO XTR can build on any of our robotic rover platforms to custom-design mobile firefighting packages to suit your specific needs.



Sniff out obstacles and airborne hazards from a secure distance so you can plan your mission armed with the knowledge you need. The ARGO RECON system delivers:

  • High definition optics
  • Airborne particulate sensors
  • FLIR heat-detection & night vision cameras

Also adaptable for:

  • Bio & chemical hazard detection
  • Gamma radiation dose rate meter

Custom surveillance and reconnaissance solutions

ARGO XTR can build on any of our robotic rover platforms to custom-design RECON packages to suit your specific needs.



ARGO perimeter security solutions combine intelligent unmanned patrol capability with self-defense and emergency alert technology – the ultimate sentry who never sleeps.

  • Optical and IR vision cameras
  • User-friendly programming for intelligent patrol routes
  • Reliable all-weather, all-season control

Also adaptable for:

  • Acoustic, motion and heat sensors
  • Light armaments or large-bore launchers

Custom perimeter security solutions

ARGO XTR can build on any of our robotic rover platforms to custom-design a site security package to suit your specific needs.



ARGO’s unmanned First Response solutions mobilize medical equipment and safe transportation to save time and save lives in extreme locations and quarantine zones.

  • Detachable rescue basket or stretcher with slide-in mount
  • Stowage for Defibrillator/AED, bandages and other first aid supplies
  • Teleoperation or follow-me control minimizes crew exposure to site hazards

Also adaptable for:

  • Site lighting, cameras, air-quality monitors
  • Helo-lift, high angle extraction

Custom search & rescue solutions

ARGO XTR can build on any of our robotic rover platforms to custom-design a mobile search & rescue packages to suit your specific needs.



The teleoperated Remote Package Handling System (RPHS) quickly recovers and transports suspect packages to a safe site for analysis and disposal. Its quick response mitigates costly airport shut-downs while reducing threats to security personnel.

  • 100 lb (45 kg) capacity steel dump box with roller ramp
  • Handle packages sized up to 42” x 48” (1,066.8 – 1,219.2 mm)
  • 6×6 operating speeds up to 25 km/h (15 mph)

Also adaptable for:

  • Environmental hazard sensors
  • Adaptable to all Level 5 HBS baggage conveyors

Custom package handling solutions

ARGO XTR can build on any of our robotic rover platforms to custom-design a package handling and disposal system to suit your specific needs.


Custom crop protection solutions

ARGO XTR can build on any of our robotic rover platforms to custom-design a mobile crop sprayer, fogging system or transporter to suit your specific needs.

J5 Robot in Action




ARGO XTR platforms lead the pack anywhere you go

  • High torque, high traction drivetrain
  • Independent suspensions
  • Lowest rollover hazard
  • Climb steep inclines (up to 35°)
  • Speeds up 30 km/h (20 mph)


Fully swimmable systems eliminates water obstacles, protects payloads

  • Traverse rivers, lakes & marshes with seamless entry/egress
  • Automatic bilge pump – standard
  • Sealed chassis
  • Exceptional stability and load capacity on deep water


Versatile XTR platforms adapt easily to any technology or cargo system

  • Highly experienced team for system integration
  • High load capacities
  • Large clear payload decks
  • Ready-to-go for rapid deployment of your project


ARGO experience pays off in enhanced protection for payloads and personnel

  • Low centre-of-gravity = max. stability vs. rollovers
  • Failsafe magnetic brakes; e-Stop switch
  • Low-voltage electrical systems
  • Durable running gear for “get home” ability


XTR systems are built on 50 years of advanced mobility research

  • ODG: a world leader in precision gear-cutting and assembly
  • Continuous improvement of ARGO powertrains since 1987
  • Lithium/iron/phosphate battery packs
  • Simple, efficient 2-motor driven


No surprises! ARGO built its name by getting it right, right on time

  • Qualified vendor to military customers and Canada Space Agency
  • ODG ISO-certified manufacturing
  • Satisfied repeat customers worldwide