We are pioneering the deployment of unmanned robotic technologies for real needs in today’s world. This is no dream – our platforms are on the job now. Worldwide.


First Responder

We fight real fires. XTR systems keep rescue workers and firefighters out of harm’s way while they deploy life-saving equipment and supplies in the most hazardous conditions.


We’re in the dirt on real farms and plantations. XTR systems mount industry-standard sprayers to protect crops and control pests; they transport harvests safely through soft mud and over difficult terrain.


We’ve seen real military duty. XTR systems keep troops and civilians secure against multiple threats, transporting heavy kits and handling suspect packages.


We deliver real safety, underground. XTR systems save lives and save precious resources whether they are moving critical equipment for mine rescue operations or conserving energy and personnel in unmanned resupply roles.


We’ve been to the real frontiers of robotic exploration. XTR systems provide built-in versatility and cost-savings for testing new robot concepts, backed by our experienced technology integrators and a proven passion for teamwork.