50 Years of Advanced Mobility Research


Ontario Drive & Gear Ltd. (ODG) is founded to manufacture custom gears and transmission assemblies


ODG enters the amphibious vehicle market with the its first 6-wheeled “swamp buggy” powered by ODG’s own transmission: the origin of today’s ARGO family


ODG engineers explore potential ARGO platforms based on snow tracks, snow skis and hover technology


ARGO vehicles complete their transition from 2-cycle to 4-cycle engines; the new 8×8 ARGO I/C signals the arrival of commercial-duty ATV solutions


With the 6×6 ARGO Conquest model, ODG introduces its first vehicle powered by a liquid-cooled engine


The original Centaur model with a tank-style steering transmission provides a heavy-duty ARGO alternative that’s quickly adopted by military and utility customers


The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) invites ODG to join its technology team developing novel concepts for Lunar and Mars rover systems

ODG supports NASA’s first Field Analogue Tests on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, leading to the Juno I mobility platform


The ADMIRAL transmission gives the ARGO UTV family a leap forward in performance with its innovative triple-differential concept

Our Space & Robotics division adapts CSA’s Juno1 platform to mobilize the RESOLVE science payload for NASA baseline for


ODG Space & Robotics team has delivered 15 rover prototypes to CSA and NASA, including the four generations of the 4-wheeled Juno, the 8-wheeled Artemis and Artemis Jr. projects


NASA invites ODG to contribute platforms for two demonstrations including the Moon and Mars Analogue Mission Activities (MMAMA) program

ODG also demonstrates driveline and traction upgrades to CSA for the Juno II Rover


ODG’s Space Robotics Division (SRD) demonstrates the extreme mobility and ruggedness of the 8×8 Artemis Sr Rover as part of the Neptec Rover Team

At the UTIAS M Reaching for the stars since ARS Dome, the J4 update to the Juno series demonstrates ODG’s metallic wheels for the NSERC Canadian Field Robotics Network Field Trials


CSA awards two additional development contracts to ODG for the ExCore small planetary rover platform and the Lunar rover drivetrain prototype (LRPDP) platform


The new J5 rover platform builds on the continuing Juno evolution to establish new benchmarks in versatility and durability


ODG’s Space Robotics Division launches its ARGO XTR operations to develop commercial and industrial applications for its robotic mobility platforms


J6 & J8 deployed into a number of high risk areas