ARGO XTR is also known as the Space & Robotics Division of Ontario Drive & Gear Ltd. Ontario Drive & Gear is the force behind two related leaders in advanced mobility technologies:

  • ARGO XTV: the world’s premiere manufacturer of amphibious extreme terrain vehicles for recreational and commercial use
  • ODG: a top tier manufacturer of engineered gears, gear boxes and transmissions serving automotive and industrial customers throughout North America

Established since 1962, Ontario Drive & Gear has been an active and productive partner in Canada’s space rover programs since 2008. In 2015, ARGO XTR was created to bring a greater focus to our development of unmanned lunar and planetary vehicles and to apply this experience to the needs of earth-bound customers for robotic solutions.

Our resources

Ontario Drive & Gear operates three engineering and production facilities with a total footprint of 150,000 sq. ft. in New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada. Frequently cited for our ground-breaking achievements in both product development and manufacturing quality, our group of companies share a common commitment to innovative engineering, manufacturing excellence and the highest order of customer satisfaction.

50 years of advanced mobility research

history-old-newThe road to ARGO XTV today is marked by many milestones in the evolution of extreme mobility, from the earliest models of amphibious vehicles to the next generation of planetary rovers.