Canadian Innovation – Rising to the Challenge

From the Avro Arrow to Bombardier’s C-Series, from the Canadarm to Mars Rovers, engineers of yesterday and today share the common experience of having to overcome significant design challenges on the road to great innovation.

Join Museum Curator Erin Gregory and our distinguished panel for an evening of insight and conversation into how engineers make the magic happen! The Canada Aviation and Space Museum is delighted to welcome the following speakers:
Mike Hiltz, Manager of Systems Engineering, MDA (Speaking to Canadarm)
Fassi Kafyeke, Senior Director, Strategic Technologies and Innovation, Product Development Engineering, Aerospace, Bombardier ( Speaking to C-Series)
Jim Macleod, Group Leader and Research Officer at the NRC Gas Turbine Laboratory (Speaking to Avro Arrow/Iroquois Engine)
Perry Edmundson, P.Eng. | Project Manager ODG (Speaking to rovers)